Tigoni Study Centre, a project of Kianda Foundation, offers people from all walks of life the opportunity to develop humanly, culturally and spiritually through a variety of activities which run throughout the year. It has conference and accommodation facilities as well as a chapel, a garden and some sports facilities. The centre also has its own catering and housekeeping staff that take very good care of the people attending these events. More information from https://tigonistudycentre.org/

Tigoni Study Centre is owned and run by Kianda Foundation, a non-profit organisation. Kianda Foundation is committed to the quality education of women and girls. Towards this end, they run various social programs in formal education, women training and support as well as healthcare. More information can be got at www.kianda foundation.org

There are different activities such as seminars, short courses and spiritual retreats for a variety of age groups.

Anybody can attend the activities organized in Tigoni but given the limited capacity people are encouraged to book in advance for the activity they would like to attend not to be disappointed and turned away because of not having space.

At present Togoni has 2 main facilities: Tigoni Study Centre itself with a capacity for 35 people in single rooms, and Tigoni House with a capacity of 28 people in shared rooms.

Tigoni House is booked throughout the year by different groups and often people have been turned away due to lack of space. To overcome this, the expansion project was embarked on. Also, given the health situation in the country, people prefer not to share rooms, thus we have planned to build single rooms for many of the people who in the past would have used shared rooms in Tigoni House.

Kianda Foundation bought the property in the early 70s and it has been developing the site ever since trying to meet the growing demand for its facilities. The latest construction project started in early 2021. It was supposed to start in 2020 but the pandemic made us delay the breaking of ground and the fundraising for a few months.

The project is going well, and we are targeting to start using the new facilities in early 2022.

The people in charge of the project decided to change the orientation of the new building to save some of the old trees that had originally been marked for cutting down. Because of the sloping ground and the layout of the new building some new bedrooms have also been added in a basement.

The total cost of the project also including the improvement of the sports facilities is calculated to be KShs 50 million.

We expect to complete the new building by the beginning of 2022.

The main people who will use the new building will be students and people working who may not be able to afford the higher rate that we normally charge for activities in the Study Centre.

It is possible to see the works going on if one visits Tigoni, but a tour of the inside of the building is not that simple since there is construction work going on. But perhaps on a Sunday a visit can be arranged if the builder is not working that day.

Donations can be made either through Kianda Foundation or Imara. This can be done by Mpesa or by cheque. There is a brochure available with more detailed information.