What is a retreat?

A retreat is time taken from the ordinary routine to reflect upon one”s relationship with God. During Tigoni retreats, time is usually scheduled daily for Meditations, Holy Mass, Rosary and the Stations of the Cross. The Meditations are preached by priests of the Opus Dei prelature who are also available for confession throughout the duration of the retreat. Participants may choose to have spiritual direction or discuss other aspects of their personal life with the priest or organizers to obtain advice tailored to their specific circumstances. Retreats in Tigoni normally last for 3 days.

Days on retreat. Recollection in order to know God, to know yourself and thus to make progress. A necessary time for discovering where and how you should change your life. What should I do? What should I avoid?

What languages are the retreats preached in?

The retreats held in Tigoni are preached in English, with the exception of a few preached in Kiswahili

What should I carry to the retreat?

A rosary, a pen and notebook to jot down ideas, together with personal effects to last the duration of the retreat or seminar.
At 6500ft above sea level, Tigoni can be chilly during the nights. You are therefore advised to carry warm clothing.

How do I get to Tigoni Study Center?

To travel to Tigoni Study Centre, take matatu no. 116 at the old Nation House and ask to be dropped off at Kimlea Technical Training Centre then walk up to the Tigoni Study Centre gate.